Sunday, October 7, 2012

This is not going to hurt even a little bit

I see that many reviewers didnt like the noise but I am here to say its organic. The mixer drum rotates as the truck moves along and makes a noise with tiny bits of pieces moving inside. It works well on and off carpet. It is fun to drag along the truck with its vibrant colours and cute Ricky. With its size, kids will get a real feel of playing with a truck than with a tiny toy car. With the bollard, an enthusiastic parent can mimic the department of transportation realities by dynamically moving it and creating hurdles that your little tot will be challenged with in rerouting his/her journey and getting the cement mix in time to construct the awesome building. Wow, so now you have to come up with an imaginary road and a time limit for the task.
I also like the WOW line with its Lift it Luke, Dexter the digger, Dudley Dump truck, Roll it Riley. Now can I get them all in one?


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