Sunday, October 7, 2012

Almost hypochondriac

As soon as I opened the package,I was amazed at the size of the doll. I saw the 'Try me' pointing to the stethescope. A gentle press led to a disco throb. The sick baby doubles as a beautiful doll as well as a great baby who knows whats wrong with her and asks the little mommy/doctor leading questions so she can be nursed back to feeling better. I didnt recognise the ear thermometer when I saw it. In that matter, the packaging was good with names of each of the instrument that the little doctor will need to make the baby feel better. I hadnt expected the sick baby's face to go red with fever. Luckily the insert had instructions on how to heal the baby with the medicine. Your little doctor can provide cure on the go with all his/her instruments that fit well into the doctor bag.
The sick baby talks in full sentences and struggles with words like stethescope and tongue depressor. A fun game that will teach the kids about identifying problems and solving them.

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