Sunday, October 7, 2012

Manual needs a rewrite

I started assembling it thinking it would be intuitive. I followed the instructions. But there was no spray. I did see some dust collect on the walls of the collection tank. It does do something in the way of cleaning. I consulted the manual and there it was spray trigger on the top. Thats the only mention of it in a picture naming the parts of the machine. Wish it was included in the instruction that the spraying needs a manual input. And then just when I was about to give up, HTBK's comment about pulling the handle all the way up for the spray action to happen, it worked like a beauty. Its fun to watch the collection tank pull up the water and it seemed like a flood in then and made me wonder where is the water source.
Coming to the actual job. The stain is turmeric stain from the curry. So a great challenge considering that its mixed with oil. After repeated spray and power, the stain has definitely reduced. The convenience of it is once you press down on the power lever, you dont have to be on it.
Once over the hump of getting it to work, Bissell ReadyClean is easy to work with for stains lighter than curry stains.


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