Thursday, April 30, 2009

Few stretches away

Yoga book has lots of
asanas - poses
Some easy and many
wish I coulds

Asanas stretching
parts each day,
upper body from day before
back of knee yesterday
kept me wondering
what can I exercise today

I picked halasana(plough).
There's no way that my toes
are gonna touch the ground
going over me
when they cant even incline
toward me.

Then I moved onto
Sarvangasana(Shoulder stand)
Is it just my frame
that requires so much push?

Some dumbbells for strong arms
and some puffs of air

The support of arms from
shoulder stand, gave me the
push for the plough

So now I had my knees over me.
I was toying with the half position
of one leg lifted up straight
with the other still down and
vice a versa

Somewhere along I reached the
point where it was a just a matter
of balancing the second leg slowly
to join the first.

As I read it was easier to
move into a Shoulder stand
from a plough

Once there, there was strength
in their togetherness

Headstand and its advanced
variations are impossible
just for now