Sunday, March 28, 2010


When we read something like the summaries of thrillers, like a village maintaining its population, is it possible that later when we come across that, we think we heard of it from someone we know. In the process, if we also alter the perception of the likely person?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pen Swivelers

When I sit on a chair, I am trying not to fold my legs, but I keep gravitating towards it. If I touch the bottom hold with my toes, I make the arch rest on it. But is that the right position? Have our practices from ancestors been from what is the best position? If that is so, should we not pick the same way eliminating the ones that dont work good?
Just like the debate of the human origin, does culture and its propogation to the new generation face the same question of set ways vs evolving?

The title refers to some students who swivel their pens while working on a problem.

Art and Servility

There are not enough lives in one man to conquer Art, let alone enough men in one world to criticize it.

perhaps the greatest achievement of Man is his ability to die, and his disability to regard it. certainly poetry and paint are no deterrent, nor the high hurdles of the mind over the skulls of his realism. let us say, finally, that truth is not all that matters- often, it is the putting aside of a truth.

past the desk with a face, past coffins filled with the love, past the sparrow sick with dreams

..I was still a poor bet for life, and the razors and the gas pipes and the bridges and Thomas Chatterton's rat poison were still arguing for first shot.

Portions from a wine- stained Notebook, Charles Bukowski.

A romantic idea of following a young poet's death, alters its grotesqueness.

Childhood dreams

Clinging to them, to make them come true, to connect the farthest points of your life, to lengthen it as much as possible.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


You must have seen a biker with his other hand managing another bicycle. Now can you imagine cars being driven that way. Recent conversation about alternate set of controls in cars at motor driving school must have something do it.

Recently I had too much of chocolate frosting and cake. As a resultant, I went around piping out something which passed of as a cookie and then walked towards something of a mini garden on a pedestal with sage.
Reading following from Making of African America:

While the motives of forced migrants can be reduced to a function of economic calculus - the market for labor, for example - free migrants have a multitude of reasons for moving beyond that of finding work. The needs of families and kin, the desire to create new societies, and the aspiration for greater political freedom or material prosperity are just some of these.

If a person does not like his environment, he moves. But in the short human life, is there a chance to set the life he wants.
Is giving others the opportunity that they need to get ahead in life, living as many lives that we can scrape in one.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nomads Hotel

In Forever Venice essay, Cees Nooteboom with his knowledge of the history of the place he is visiting, he makes us want the traveller in us to not just look at the present building and admire but to know what was there before.

When he hears

' At midday the angelus. I still know the Latin words from my schooldays: Angelus domini nunciavit Mariae - the angel of the Lord brought tidings to Mary'

I hear Gayatri Mantra from the school days.

From a memoir

Blackjack leaves

Madam D' Aulnoy's The Yellow Dwarf

Biro pen


Anita Ward's Ring my Bell

Samson Kambalu, The Jive Talker